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The Architectural Review Process
The Architectural Review is a process for maintaining the visual appeal of the community while also implementing and enforcing design guidelines that help protect and maintain your property value. All applications are reviewed by your Architectural Review Board and any other parties approved or contracted by the association. You can learn more about this committee by visiting the Committees page under the One Hollows tab. 
The Architectural Review Board convenes on an as-needed basis (excludes holidays). 
Architectural or ARB Review Applications must be submitted digitally by the close of business on Thursday* before the upcoming Tuesday meeting. This allows the management team to review the application for completeness and follow up on any additional information if needed. 
*Please note that applications submitted after the close of business on Thursday will be added to the next ARB meeting agenda following the upcoming meeting.
Please review the ARB Guidelines and The Hollows CC&Rs on our Documents page to learn what may or may not be permitted in The Hollows Community. These documents are found on The Hollows POA Association Community website at www.hollowspoa.com/documents-1/ or by clicking the button below. 
As per the guidelines, approval notifications may take up to 45 days after the meeting; nevertheless, it's noteworthy that the processing time frequently falls well below this anticipated timeframe.  
Applications must be submitted digitally through Smartwebs using the SUBMIT ARB REQUEST button below. Please carefully review all the requirements before submitting. 
Submittal Process
  • Submission Documents
    • Application
    • Plat map of the lot indicating the proposed improvement's location, distances to setbacks, and property lines in feet.
    • Pictures/drawings of improvements.
    • List of materials to be used.
    • Color samples to be used.
  • For all new home submissions
    • Application
    • A comprehensive package comprising setbacks, roof pitches, grading and drainage plan, tree survey, landscape plan, driveway and garage door details, color samples, and pictures of neighboring houses(must ensure the home color scheme is unique and not duplicated)and a picture of the lot with current trees, before removal.
  • If applicable, please submit the fees and deposits listed below 
    New submissions falling under the below categories will necessitate an ARB fee and a refundable deposit. These fees and deposits are crucial as they ensure pre and final site visits and the thorough review of ARB applications.
    Fees and deposits must be received within one week of the ARB submission, or the application will be withdrawn. You can mail your payment or drop it off at the POA office. We accept checks or money orders only.
    We will process your deposit refund upon completion of the project and approval of the final site visit.
    Please see the list of categories below for the fees and deposits.
    THE HOLLOWS ARB Fees and Deposits
    New Home Construction                                     $2,000 fee and a $3,000 refundable deposit
    New Construction Projects (including pools)         $1,000 fee and a $1,500 refundable deposit
    Complex Fence and Landscape Projects               $1,000 fee only
    If you have any questions, contact The Hollows office or email Rdefelice@ccmcnet.com.
    Hollows POA
    19503 Old Burnet Rd
    Lago Vista, TX 78645
  • Final inspection requirements: Homeowners are granted a specific timeframe to complete their projects in accordance with The Hollows CC&Rs. In cases where this timeframe is impractical, owners can seek an extension by submitting a variance request application conveniently accessible on the POA website.  The variance request is subject to approval from the ARB. Please refer to the list below for the specified project times. 
    • New house construction- eighteen (18) months from the approval letter date.
    • Pool projects- nine (9) months from the approval letter date.
    • All other projects- two (2) months from the approval letter date.
  • Refundable deposit information: Upon completion of projects requiring deposits (listed above), a final site visit will be required. If approved, the refundable deposit request process will commence following the completion of this visit. It's important to know that new home construction requests for a site visit must include the certificate of occupancy. To schedule the visit, please email us at thehollowtx@ccmcnet.com.
Please download and sign the Architectural Review Process Acknowledgment form to show your receipt and understanding of the submission process and upload it as an attachment with your ARB application.  
Tips for Submitting Your Digital ARC Request
  • Applications and supporting documents submitted must be combined into one document.  Pictures of applications will not be accepted and will be returned to the owner.
  • Please note that failure to meet the stipulated timeframe will trigger the initiation of the violation process, and the homeowner will promptly receive notification.
  • The Acknowledgment form must be downloaded and submitted with your application.